VLAN Management >

Create VLAN > Add > Set up the VLAN you want to be designated as your voice VLAN

Voice VLAN > Properties > Enable/​Pick your new VLAN

Voice VLAN > Telephone OUI > Make sure the leading characters from your phone’s MAC address are listed in there (and make sure your phone is configured to use LLDP, or none of this will work, obviously)

Port to VLAN > Filter > Select your new voice VLAN from the drop-down > Go, Click “Tagged” and for all ports and then “Apply” so that they can use the new VLAN as needed

Admin > Discovery LLDP >

Properties > Enable

LLDP MED Network Policy > Add > Type in the VLAN ID and save it

LLDP Port Settings > Don’t do anything with this

LLDP MED Port Settings > Pick a port and select Edit >

LLDP MED Status > Enable

Available Optional TLVs > Select the Network Policy TLV and click it over to the “Selected Optional TLVs” column

Available Network Policies > Select the network policy you created above and click it over to the “Selected Network Policies” pane